Anti-Slip Birthing Ball
Anti-Slip Birthing Ball Anti-Slip Birthing Ball Anti-Slip Birthing Ball Anti-Slip Birthing Ball Anti-Slip Birthing Ball

The Birthing Ball can be used throughout pregnancy as a comfortable seating option which ensures the spine is in an upright position, easing lower back pain and reducing the risk of sciatica, as well as encouraging your baby into an optimal anterior position. The gentle bouncing motion helps to ripen the cervix for labour. During your labour the Birthing Ball allows a versatile range of upright birthing positions.

  • Anti-Slip and Anti-Explode PVC
  • 65cm diameter

Use the Birthing Ball throughout pregnancy and birth;

  • Throughout second and third trimester as a seating option at home or work to ease back pain and keep the spine positioned to avoid and reduce sciatica
  • During the last weeks of pregnancy to encourage your baby into an anterior position - optimal for vaginal delivery
  • As a natural induction method with gentle bouncing, partnering with gravity to encourage the baby's head to engage and place pressure on the cervix
  • During the early stages of labour at home, the Birthing Ball provides different supported upright positions to keep utilising gravity to quicken the labour even whilst resting
  • Practice birthing positions with your Birthing Ball and then take it with you to hospital when labour is progressing, the familiarity will make it more likely for you to deliver in an upright position

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