Back and Belly Support Band
Back and Belly Support Band Back and Belly Support Band

Recommended by physiotherapists to support the lumber spine and round ligaments in the abdomen, alleviating lower back pain. A must-have for mum's on their feet all day, the Back and Belly Support Band has a subtle design and stretchy, breathable fabric to wear comfortably under clothing.

To wear, place the support pad in a lifting position underneath the abdomen and fasten it by wrapping the attached hook-and-loop closure strap around the body. Then, grab the belt at both ends and stretch it around your body, connecting each end to the pad. For added support, you can use the tummy strap over the top of your stomach.

  • Physiotherapist recommended to alleviate back pain
  • Breathable fabric to wear under clothing
  • Added support with an over stomach strap
  • Stretchy design to accommodate for your growing baby