Cassandra shares the birth of Luca

I had all intentions to have a drug free birth. 
When I was 40+1 I started getting period pain. My mum said this was the feeling she had when her labour started too, so I figured, this must be the start of it for me! 
It was 8am on Nov 26th 2021 and I decided to wait it out and see if I could manage to breathe through.
I did, and around 11am things started to ramp up for me.
I asked my husband to put the tens machine on my back as we had practiced doing so just a few nights before. I also used the timing function on the device too!
I was timing my contractions and they were 5 minutes apart... I figured, that's really not normal but let's just see what happens as they only just started 2 hours ago.
I tried to do normal things as they said I should in early labour. However the time remained 5 minutes, sometimes 4 sometimes 3. It was really strange and in hindsight I wish I went into hospital about it sooner!

I called the midwives and they weren't too concerned as my waters were still intact and I hadn't lost my mucus plug. The only thing that was working for me was sitting on the fitness ball and using the Tens Machine. I tried lying down, horrible pain, I tried walking, horrible pain, the shower was soothing too but that was about it.
We decided to stay home and just get through it hour by hour. My husband said I was doing really well and kept asking me what I needed... I didn't really eat or drink much so he made sure I ate little bits here and there. It hit 7pm and my parents came over to check up on me.
Mum was great, she helped me breathe through pain and put pressure on my lower back. 
Felt my belly, and said, I reckon you should head to the hospital soon! 
So with the tens machine ready and a heat pack on, with the hospital bag in the car, we headed to the hospital at 10pm.
Upon arriving as it was super strict covid restrictions, my husband wasn't allowed in until I had been cleared for the birth suite. That part sucked, as I was alone for about an hour while they monitored me.
11pm, only using the tens machine since 11am... 12 hours later, the nurse came in and said they were calling a doctor. My mucus plug came out as she said that. 
She also said, let's get you over to the birth suite and call your husband to come in too!
Relief. I was ready to do what was needed. Finally got to set up in our room with low light, diffusers and calm music. The midwives were amazing and helped with each contraction. I started having some gas too which worked great!
The doctor came in and started monitoring us as well. I wasn't really phased, I was in my own little world. She pulled my husband aside and they spoke, I started feeling something was wrong. She asked me if I was ok for her to break my waters and check my dilation. 
My waters broke and our baby had done a poo! Again, she was concerned but still hadn't escalated anything yet. I had to change positions as she said the baby wasn't doing well with each contraction, Lying on my side the tens machine and gas were the only things helping me get through at this point. I felt something in my gut say 'this won't be going as you wish'.
I was 5cm dilated, coping well.
Cassandra and baby Luca after emergency c-section, TENS birth story
The lovely doctor was also 22 weeks pregnant herself, and she told me that she was preparing a team for surgery incase a c section is needed to get my baby out. She was going to give us 45 minutes to see if things progressed during that time and also inserted a fishing line monitor onto my baby's head.
Unfortunately I was still 5cm and she made the decision that it was too risky to continue without an emergency c section. My heart sunk. 
I started freaking out, as this wasn't a part of my birth plan.
I hate blood and operations, I had only ever had my wisdom teeth out and was in shock that this will be the way our baby would come into the world.
Luckily though, I had a great midwife and surgery team, they could see I started going into shock so they did everything they could to keep me calm. I still used the tens machine until I had to get undressed for theatre. 
Newborn Luca
Our baby boy was born at 3.29am on November 27th via emergency c section.
The surgery and aftermath was a shock in itself, and one I still get emotional speaking out loud about. It just wasn't how I envisioned experiencing birth for the first time.
We didn't get that golden hour, or immediate skin on skin. We didn't even get to show them our c section birth plan because it was sooo quick and it was escalated basically as soon as I got into birth suite.
But the wonderful and beautiful thing was our baby boy Luca, arrived super strong and healthy. He was perfect, and I would heal with time.
I didn't use the Tens machine again but it was soooo good to use as a tool at home and in hospital with gas.
Thanks so much for your service, I found it really easy and seamless! 
I would hire again but I think next time if I have another baby I would opt for elective c section to avoid the need for emergency again! haha.
Cass x
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