free gift you've got this mama bag with tens machine hire australia for labour and birth melbourne sydney brisbane gold coast perth
free gift you've got this mama bag with tens machine hire australia for labour and birth melbourne sydney brisbane gold coast perth tens machine hire australia for labour and birth melbourne sydney brisbane gold coast perth Use tens machine on back for natural pain relief during labour Labour and birth tens machine for hire including all accessories Labour TENS Extended 16 Week Hire

Introducing the most advanced natural pain management device for labour available in Australia - The Elle TENS Plus. TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and it is the ultimate birth tool as it maximizes your body's natural pain-fighting abilities. This is our extended 16 week hire option, perfect for those who want to use the TENS to manage pain associated with late pregnancy and for their birth. Click here for our regular Labour Tens Hire. 

Our Labour TENS Hire Extension features;

  • Built in contraction timer
  • Extended 16 week hire period
  • Pre-addressed, prepaid return (No printer needed)
  • The 'Mama Bag' valued at $10.95 is yours to keep!
  • Includes 2 x Electrode Pads (Valued at $22 each) 

A must-have for your birth plan

An Elle Tens Plus is an easy to use, gentle way to relieve the pain of contractions during labour by amplifying all your body’s amazing natural pain blocking abilities. The gentle electrical pulses;

  • Block pain signals from reaching your brain
  • Build endorphins

The Elle Tens Plus is the ultimate in obstetric TENS, specifically designed for use during labour, and is perfectly safe for you and baby. TENS is the most effective pain relief you can use at home, and provides completely drug-free, natural relief from pain. The more comfortable and calm you are during the early stages of labour, the less interventions you are going to need, making it a must-have for your natural birth plan.

From our customers

"Using the tens machine from Bliss Birth was the perfect addition to my birth kit! I had a long two days of early labor so being able to use it throughout this time (as well as during active labor) was a really great natural pain relief tool in addition to my breathing exercises. I found it definitely took the edge off the contractions and without a doubt would reccomend to any birthing woman to have one on hand as a labor tool!"

Kate Harrison - Naturopath 

“As a midwife I always suggest the use of TENS during labour to aid with pain relief as my first birth I found it to be an extremely effective pain relief”

Amanda - Midwife

"Using the TENS from Bliss Birth, I was able to get to 6cm dilated before using any pharmacological pain relief, then to 10cm dilated without any other pain relief than the gas! I was very surprised at the efficacy! I think it worked so well because I put it on very early when I first started feeling contractions. Ariel from Bliss Birth made the hire process very easy - I didn't even make the decision to get the TENS until I was 37 weeks pregnant, so I was very glad to receive it only a couple of days after placing my order from VIC. It came with very easy instructions, fresh batteries, fresh electrodes and a return envelope included. This was also the cheapest I could find the Elle Plus model to hire. Thanks!!"
Lori Jackson - GP 

To read up about TENS and how it works you can check out the Bliss Blog.

Testimonials by Bliss Birth customers on how TENS empowered their birth experiences are also available here and here.


How does hire work?

The most cost-effective way to access the drug-free natural pain relief of the Elle TENS Plus is through the Bliss Birth hire shop. Tell us your due date at checkout, and we will have the Elle TENS to you 12 weeks beforehand,  and then just use the included postal satchel to return it to us 4 weeks after your due date. We will send you a friendly reminder when your Elle Tens Plus is due back.

Included in hire is everything you need;

  • The ultimate in obstetric tens; Elle TENS Plus including contraction timer
  • 2 sets of brand new reusable electrode pads
  • 2 x brand new AA batteries
  • 2 x leadwires
  • Soft carry pouch
  • Easy to read instructions
  • Australia Post envelope for easy pre-paid return
  • "You've got this Mama" carry satchel (Our free gift to you)

Not due for a few months? You can pre-book your hire now! One less thing to worry about.

You then return your Elle TENS Plus by placing the unit and all accessories in the provided prepaid pre-addressed return satchel, no need for a printer! Then drop it at your local Australia Post. They will provide you with a receipt so that you can let us know it was submitted in case anything goes wrong.

Test your Elle TENS Plus as soon as you receive it. Familiarising yourself with the unit and its functions will make for a more stress-free experience when your labour begins. If you have any problems or questions make sure you contact us ASAP so we can make sure you have everything you need for a great birthing experience.

Private Health Rebate
Did you know you can claim the cost of your Labour TENS Hire on your private health insurance? After you place your order you will automatically receive a PDF copy of your invoice which you can submit to your private health provider. The rebate available differs between plans and providers, but may be up to 100%!

Need more info? Read FAQs about our Hire Process 

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