Megan’s Birth Story

Megan shares her second birth story, as well as a use for the tens hire after her birth was done

I used a Tens machine for both my first and second birth. For my second birth, I had not used the Elle Tens Plus machine before and I fell in love with it. 
Due to the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak, many women in the hospital including myself had difficulty giving birth at this time as the future and world was uncertain. I had a wonderful water birth for my first child years ago and my water's broke early for my second child but unfortunately my body didn't build up the momentum in the early labour phase like it did the first time..... I endured early labour pains for 36 hours before the hospital was able to induce me and the Elle Tens Plus machine got me through all those hours with a lot of comfort and relief..... I continued to use the Tens machine once I was induced and it was a welcome distraction, as the pain during this second birth was a little more intense than the first. My body was also exhausted, so using the Tens machine gave me something to focus on to get through each contraction. 
After the IV induction, I gave birth within 2 hours and the Tens machine was my only source of pain relief throughout the birthing process. 
One thing that I did not expect to happen after the second birth was to have such intense after pains for the first 2-3 days.... I continued to wear the Tens machine and use it while I was breastfeeding and while my uterus was contracting...Some of the other features on the machine such as the massage feature were very useful.
This Tens machine helped me get through a challenging birth. For me, the bath was comforting last time but I wasn't able to have a water birth for this birth because I had to be induced.
I would highly recommend hiring this machine... I think it is definitely worth the money and the 8 week time period allows you time to use the machine for a possible early arrival as well as after the birth with any after birth pains.
I encourage friends and acquaintances to access a TENS machine, because from experience it is something you can plan to use to assist with your birth and there are no risks to your health or your baby's health.
After hiring the Elle Tens Plus from Bliss Birth, I was tempted to buy one...... I haven't bought one so far but like the fact that Bliss Birth is there if I ever need a machine again in the future. 
Thanks again Ariel, Your service helped to make my birthing experience as pleasant as it could possibly be and I found using the machine quite empowering.....
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