Shamila's Dream Drug-Free Birth

Shamila became a customer when planning for her second birth after a traumatic first birth experience...

Beyond grateful for Bliss Birth and their amazing TENS machines and how much they transformed my birth and helped me release the trauma from my first birth. I went into labour with my second little darling armed with the TENS machine this time round and to say it was a life saver would be an understatement, I had been in prodromal labour for about a week and I was starting to fear that I would be convinced that induction was necessary as I was heading towards the 40 week mark and like my last I was gestational diabetic so all the talk of “your baby is potentially going to be big” had already started to get into my head…but with the guidance and support of my amazing doula Sarah I was able to refocus and practice my hypnobirthing techniques.

On the 06th of October it all began to ramp up and at about 12pm I called my best friend and said it’s go time! Sadly my husband wasn’t able to attend the birth as we where in the middle of lockdown and no kids where allowed at the hospital so only 1 support person was allowed. But my best friend was well equipped having had her first child 9 days before my first born! We where pregnancy buddies first time round and so what better person than her to support me through labor….so as the contractions began to form a solid pattern my husband carefully placed the electro pads onto my back following the instructions which where super easy to follow and the diagram made placement really simple. It was great to get my head around the TENS before it all intense and the surges needed my full concentration. The buttons where so simple and loved the boost button placement. The neck strap was perfect as it meant I didn’t need to hold it 24/7. We headed into the hospital and I found the intermittent pulses helped me really get into a meditation vibe I focused on the vibrational pattern along with my breathing and movement. I loved how easy it was to walk around, go to the loo and the fact if I wanted to get into the bath I had a spare pair of electro pads if the original ones didn’t want to re stick. I didn’t end up taking it off at all and just used movement and rocking with my best friend to work through the surges. At 7pm I was definitely in “transition” and is called for an epidural as I was finding it so intense and I was worried I couldn’t do another few hours at the level of pressure I was feeling….as they where prepping me for my epi the anaesthetist looked at me and said “hmm I don’t have much time in-between these contractions” to which my best friend laughed and said “how quick can you do an epi hahaha” he laughed and said “not this quick” I then felt this inner primal part of me needing me to let out this strange low tone and this caught the attention of one of the senior midwives walking in the corridor, she popped her head around the curtain and said “hmm I think we may need to do a quick check to see how dilated this mumma is because that sound normally follows a baby being born!”

mother holds baby in nsw hospital  after drug free labourSo we did a quick check and she was spot on I was fully dilated at 7.15pm, she looked at me and said so from now on if you want to push you go right ahead. I looked at my best friend and I said “i need to get on the floor and push” so down I went on all 4’s and at 8:12pm I caught my daughter in my hands. To say this was anything but the most phenomenal birth wouldn’t give it justice. My body knew exactly what to do and the TENS meant I didn’t need any kind of pain relief at all therefore I was able to feel my body and what I needed to do to birth my baby safely and intervention free!!

I’m so grateful for Bliss Birth I can’t stop recommending these amazing machines to everyone and anyone pregnant.

Thankyou from the bottom of my heart xoxo much love from Shamila & Lexi

You can follow Shamila and her family's journey on Instagram @galbally_desborough_clan


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