Which essential oils should I use for pregnancy and birth?

We believe that knowledge is power, and having natural, safe, and powerful tools to turn to during pregnancy, labour and birth can truly change everything.

Most of you have probably heard from other new and expecting mamas out there about essential oils and their benefits. How they have supported them through feeling queasy to creating a relaxed birthing atmosphere. It feels like all of a sudden everyone has started using oils to help support them? But do they really work? Are they safe? Where do you even start?

We get tonnes of questions about using essential oils, so we got the low down on essential oils from an incredible oily mama who now educates ALL THINGS essential oils and low tox living. Brittany has used essential oils throughout her pregnancy and birth to support her body and her babies and has now transitioned into a low tox lifestyle for herself and her family.  She gives us the rundown on what makes essential oil brands different and the top 7 essential oils to support a mama to be…

Essential oils are an amazing tool that can be applied topically and used around your labour tens machine to maximise your body's natural abilities during your labour and birth. You will find warnings everywhere about which oils you should and should not use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It can make you quite anxious especially if you are new to oils. Mama, I am here to take the overwhelm out of the way!!! BYE FELICIA!!

Most of the time essential oil bottles will have a warning label “to contact your doctor before usage.” When talking to my pregnant mamas I definitely agree. Speak to your doctor or consult your physician, as all bodies are different and respond differently to essential oils much the same as all bodies respond differently to medication. And with that in mind, if you don't quite get the effect of the oil you were hoping for,  remember all bodies are different and you might respond differently to another oil... It’s all about finding the right oils for YOU!

There is SUCH a difference in the purity of the oils! This is where the safety comes in.

I love research! So naturally, when I began my essential oil journey I thoroughly researched essential oils and the purity and standard of oils.

After all my research I found that doTERRA is the brand of essential oils that I wanted to align with and use for myself and my babies.

dōTERRA’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) essential oils are 100% pure, naturally extracted from plants, they do not contain fillers, chemicals, or artificial ingredients that would dilute their natural qualities, and they’re free from all contaminants such as pesticides, herbicides, or any other chemical residue. They test each and every batch of oils with 8 different purification processes. They even test for purification even after bottling the essential oil and overtime to ensure constant quality.  They’re so many brands out there. Do your research!!! Don’t go buying any essential oil of the shelf and start rubbing it over your belly or massaging on your baby's skin!! The purity and quality of the essential oil is everything! dōTERRA has set a standard that reassures us we can use doTERRA oils with confidence in pregnancy. Now there are definitely some oils that you will need to stay away from and some that you can use only when labour starts such as Clary Sage and Jasmine but that is where education is key to using essential oils.

With each one of my pregnancies, I have found tremendous amazement at what our bodies are capable of as women. I came out of both experiences feeling so incredibly proud of myself and amazed and truly empowered!!! And during my second pregnancy is when I completely used essential oils throughout the whole journey.


Geranium: Probably the most used oil during my pregnancy. It helped support the fluid retention in my legs and ankles and actually allowed my feet to get into some type of shoe. Can any mamas relate? From hemorrhoids (yep I went there!! All mamas know) to itchy skin, Geranium was my lifesaver! I even made an amazing Peri-spray to use once I had given birth, and all I can say is WOW!!!!

Lavender: From head tension to breast tenderness. This oil is basically the swiss army knife of essential oils. I also loved diffusing next to my bed at night to help promote a sense of peace and relaxation for this emotional mama! And it was always diffusing whilst I was in labour!! This girl needed some calm!

Digest Zen: From literally week 6 of pregnancy I had ordinary morning sickness. Now let me be clear… Oils aren’t going to completely take it away but they definitely help improve the feeling. I would rub over my belly and chest and as soon as I woke up I would inhale it straight from the bottle. It really relieved the digestive discomfort and I would pop it in my bag and never leave the house without it!

Lemon: I basically inhaled all day to help improve my energy. It smells fresh and clean and something that a pregnant mama needs when she has had her head in the bowl all day long… I got you, girl!!! Lemon is the bomb!!! Also amazing for basically every aspect of your pregnancy! And I used it in my special birthing diffuser blend to give me the energy!! My goodness, I needed it!

Frankincense: If you haven’t yet tried this oil then girl you are in for something special. It is the KING of essential oils and truly is something of magical powers! From diffusing for sleep support to applying over your body to help ease the growing discomfort or even supporting you through anxious feelings, Frankincense is definitely one to pop in the baby bag!

Past Tense: I suffered so much hormonal head tension and as you know you can’t take many conventional medications during pregnancy. I lived with past tense next to my bed, and would roll around the back of my neck and shoulders and would instantly feel the amazing benefits of the oils doing their work!!

Balance: Yes just as the name suggests…. I diffused this as I was in labour and giving birth. My special diffuser blend of Lemon, Lavender, Wild Orange, and Balance…. Such an empowering and grounding blend of essential oils that gives feelings of courage, confidence, and strength. It also helped me connect and stay present during contractions. Also amazing for after the birth, dilute with a carrier oil and apply down the spine to help support emotions. 

best essential oils for pregancy and birth doterra

Essential oils were absolutely incredible during my labour and birth and I’m so thankful that I had them to turn to when I needed extra support!! There are so many wonderful resources when it comes to using your oils confidently and safely throughout pregnancy. Some of our favourites are:

  • Stephanie Fritz - The Essential Midwife
  • Eric Zielinski
  • Dr Axe
  • doTERRA

Ahhhh there are so many oils that I haven’t even mentioned that helped me through my pregnancy and birthing journey but these are definitely my top 7 essential oils that I recommended for mamas to be!!!  During pregnancy, there is heightened sensitivity so we always use a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil and special dilution ratios. Less is always more when it comes to essential oils, no need to be heavy-handed!!

Education is also key to learning about the precious properties and aromatics that these amazing oils possess! Please make sure that you ask questions when joining an essential oil community. What education resources do they provide? Do they hold monthly classes? How will they guide and support you throughout your essential oil journey? 

If you want an oily bestie to guide you through using oils you can follow Brittany on insta: @sparkleinthenude and to receive personalised education, guidance and discounts on doTERRA oils you can connect with Brittany via her website 

(Bliss Birth is not affiliated with Brittany or doTERRA, she's just an oily mama we love!)

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