Additional Electrode Pad Set

For extra peace of mind when hiring your Elle Tens Plus for use during birth through our Labour Tens Hire service.

Each pad is 50mm x 90mm and is able to be removed and reapplied to skin. 

Customer Reviews

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Cassandra Agenson
Glad I had a spare set!

I was so glad I’d bought an extra set - somehow in early labour I managed to sit on some of the leads and pulled one wire clean out of the electrode pad!!! Thankfully I had the spares and my hubby replaced that one. I used the TENS for about 30 hrs continuously from early labour until my daughter was born and it was AMAZING - if I didn’t have a spare electrode pad i don’t think it would have been as effective.


My cousin and I took the gamble of hiring a tens between us with an extra set of electrode pads as we were due a week apart. Gamble paid off as we were both able to use the tens (albeit in a different order than we were anticipating!) Tens itself was amazing, and it arrived quickly, super convenient with the return satchel. Would recommend!


I’m a Midwife so was already well aware of how great Tens can be but it was actually so much better than I ever expected. Our little girl was born at home, as planned after a quick 6 hour active labour. I used the Tens until the final hour prior to her being born when I got in the birth pool. Absolute magic! The machine itself was simple enough to work out. I purchased an extra set of electrodes thinking I would probably be in and out of the shower frequently throughout labour and didn’t want the stress of ensuring they were removed carefully every time but as it were the tens was so effective I didn’t want to take it off and risk the shower not providing the same or better relief.