Elle TENS Plus

Purchase your own Elle TENS Plus - the ultimate in obstetric TENS, natural pain relief for labour. Elle TENS Plus is the only labour TENS with a built-in contraction timer so you can give your midwife or caregiver up-to-date information on the progression of your labour without the need to monitor several devices. Free with your Elle TENS Plus is an additional attachment to treat incontinence and pelvic floor strength for postnatal recovery.

An Elle Tens is an easy to use, inexpensive way to maximise all your body’s natural pain blocking abilities. The gentle electrical pulses;

  • Block pain signals from reaching your brain
  • Build endorphins

The Elle Tens Plus is the most advanced obstetric TENS available in Australia, specifically designed for use during labour, and is perfectly safe for you and baby. TENS provides the most effective pain relief you can use at home, giving you completely drug-free, natural relief from pain. The more comfortable and calm you are during the early stages of labour, the less interventions you are going to need, making it a must-have for your natural birth plan.

Postpartum Recovery

Purchasing the Elle TENS Plus also means access to clinically tested rehabilitation techniques with the Pelvic Floor Mode which gently stimulates your pelvic floor in order to build back strength and firmness in muscles, accelerating your body's postpartum recovery.

Private Health Rebate
Did you know you can claim the cost of your Elle TENS Plus on your private health insurance? After you place your order you will automatically receive a PDF copy of your invoice which you can submit to your private health provider. The rebate available differs between plans and providers, but may be up to 100%!

You can read more about TENS and how it works on our blog.

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