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Labour TENS Hire
Hope Foskett
Hiring & returning was super easy

Although I did not end up using the TENS during my birth (I hopped into the shower earlier than expected), I found Bliss Birth to be really organised and efficient. The way they are set up made hiring and returning the device really easy & I definitely recommend. So great there is a service like this out there!

Labour TENS Hire
Liz Williams
Great would recommend

Really enjoyed my tems machine helped in early labour

Easy and quick hire process

My induction was brought forward and I hadn’t prepared my labour pain relief tools so it was a reassuring to be able to arrange and recieve the Labour TENS Hire machine within just a few days, ahead of my planned hospital admission. The hire and return process was simple and the instructions provided were clear and easy to follow.
Thanks Bliss Birth

Labour TENS Hire
Daniella D
Excellent product

The tens machine worked so well for me as something to really focus on during each contraction. I really loved the timer on it so i could prepare myself and get ready to press the boost button. The postage and return process is so seamless as well.

Labour TENS Hire
Ella Bury
Amazing !!

The tens machine was a huge help during my early labour!! I basically didn’t take it off. Highly recommend.

Excellent in labour and very easy hire process!

Loved the TENS machine for my labour. I ended up having to have an induction, so felt very much like I had “control” over my pain relief using the TENS. It got me through the first part of my labour and I kept it on, in conjunction with using the gas, during the second stage of my labour. I did use it at home 48 hours prior to induction to get used to the settings and sensation on my skin. The hire process was very easy and I was able to return the machine a few days after being home from hospital. Dropping it in the red box was so easy to do with the newborn! Would 100% recommend using a TENS and hiring through Bliss Birth.

Labour TENS Hire
Hannah Sz
Great tool in the toolbelt

Hiring with Bliss Birth was very easy. It arrived earlier than expected and I loved the prepaid return satchel as you want to reduce the admin for your postpartum period! TENS machine was a great pain distraction tool for early labour and I found the timer handy to keep a rough eye on the changes in progress.

My essential birth tool!

I used the TENS machine for the birth of my two sons and can only recommend it!
I used it from early labour to time the contractions but most importantly during the drive to the hospital (1h30 from our house) which is so uncomfortable. It takes my mind off the contractions and allows me to focus on my breath and stay in the zone. Great pain management, I didn’t need anything else.
Bliss birth has always sent it on time, it is simple to use and gives your partner something to do too.
I highly recommend using one!

Labour TENS Hire

Labour TENS Hire
Ashley Middleton
Didn’t get to use it

Unfortunately my baby decided to arrive a month early and I didn’t get to use it.

Positive birth

I could not recommend this company higher. Their packaging and instructions couldn’t have been clearer about how to correctly used the tens machine. I used a tens machine (not from bliss) for my first labour and definitely didn’t use it correctly. This time I felt completely in control and used the machine to help get me through my time at home. Thank you Bliss birth.

Labour TENS Hire
Alexandra Johnson
I never got the chance to use it

I have to say the service and getting the machine on the day I wanted it was great.
Unfortunately I never got the chance to use it.
I ordered the tens machine around the time I found out my baby was breeched, hoping my baby would turn but she didn’t. So I happen ended up having an elective caesarean.
If we decide to have another will definitely order again in hope for a VBAC. :)

Labour TENS Hire
Michaela Hilmi
All good intentions!

I Had a quick labor this time! Didn’t have time to use tens unlike my three day labor with my first child! Thank you anyway!


The TENs machine was fantastic! It was so helpful and I believe it was a pain relief option that allowed me to have the natural, water birth I wanted. I put the TENs on as soon as my waters broke as contractions started straight away and were 5 minutes apart. A great service to be able to provide to women, thank you.

Labour TENS Hire
Shan Dins

While I did not use the Tens machine for my labour due to being rushed for an emergency c-section, I will hire from Bliss Birth for all future pregnancies. The process is so easy and cheap and it is such great service. I did use the machine in the last few days of my pregnancy for lower back pain and it worked a charm!

Labour TENS Hire
Rebekka Boyd
Positive experience

The TENS machine was amazing and really made a difference to my birthing experience. The hiring process through bliss birth was very straight forward and easy. It arrived on time and had clear instructions on how to use it and return it. I hope to hire a TENS machine from bliss birth again in the future!

Labour TENS Hire
Jac Torres Gomez

Fast, incredible service and a fantastic support during labour. Highly recommend

Could not have gotten through 13hrs of labour without it!!

The absolute best!!

The TENS was the best thing ever for my early labour. I slept between contractions for eight hours with the help of the TENS which sustained me for the length of my labour!

Great distraction from the pain

The hire process was simple and the machine came with well written instructions. Initially planned a water birth, but the tens machine gave me something else to focus on (didn’t want to remove it) during each contraction which really helped me achieve a natural birth!

Amazing! Not a single regret!

Hiring a TENS through Bliss Birth was the best thing I could have done for my birth. The TENS was so helpful for pain relief during the contractions and was the only thing that helped distract me and get me through each wave. I would absolutely recommend the team at Bliss Birth and I even recieved a personal email from Ariel updating me of the date that it was being sent due to an unexpected delay which was very appreciated, and super sweet. The process was simple and easy and I would absolutely recommend to anyone, worth it's weight in gold!

Worked really well for me as a form of pain relief in labour. Simple to set up and the boost button for during a contraction was very effective. I also found the 8 week hire super convenient to take the pressure off having to remember to return something in that early newborn haze!

Labour TENS Hire
Kirby Anderson
Best pain relief!!

The TENS machine helped me so much with labour as my only form of pain relief. I put it on when my contractions became consistent and increased the levels as the intensity increased. It is crazy how well it works, I’d highly recommend for everyone to have it in their pain relief kit.

Hiring through Birth Bliss has been super easy and stress free. They provide you with a return envelope with details of what you need to post back, and send you a notification when you need to return it - so one less thing to remember!

Labour TENS Hire
Alanna Curtin
Saved me!

The tens machine saved me! I was induced on oxytocin and the use of the tens machine (combined with a comb and my partners massage) I was able to avoid any other pain relief! I would recommend to everyone!

Labour TENS Hire
Kate Ingles
Tens machine

Such ease to order, receive and return. The product was amazing during labour and allowed my husband to assist with making me comfortable.

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