Labour Tens Hire Wollongong

The best TENS machine for labour, available for express shipping to Wollongong, the Illawarra and South Coast NSW

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Got me through to established labour

I used the TENS machine for my recent first birth from early labour through to established labour. It was a great tool for pain management and allowed me to stay at home for most of the labour. Would recommend to any mum looking for ways to manage pain. I will use again for future births.

Labour TENS Hire
Megan Begg

Very easy hiring and return process. The machine also worked very well in helping me manage pain in labour :)

Labour TENS Extension
Ikraan Canbuur
Excellent tool

My midwife recommended for me and I am so glad I used. It was the best idea. I get to labour in the house thanks to the TENS machine. I recommended 10/10.

Labour TENS Hire
Sam Ghamrawi
A game changer

My wife absolutely loved this machine. As a first time mum giving birth we were worried about the pain process and we wanted to keep things as natural as possible. My wife literally swears by this machine that it gave her amazing relief and comfort during the birthing pains. Highly recommended!!!

Labour TENS Hire
Jessica McClelland

I was induced so everything happened faster for my labour. TENS machine was amazing when it became too late for an epidural.

Labour TENS Hire
Georgia Sadler
Saviour once again!

Just shouting from the roof tops that once again your TENS machine was an absolute game changer for labour & helping me find “control” amongst the chaos. That boost button deserves a place on my will! 😂🙏

I didn’t mange to get any pics of me with the tens on because labour was so fast & furious this time, but it was right there from the first moments until I hopped into the birth pool at the end (and I will say I was reluctant to take it off!).

Thanks for giving us the option of such a brilliant, hassle free, thoughtful support x


I ordered the TENS machine to use for my third birth not sure whether or not I would like it, but I had heard good things. I used it through all stages of labour and it definitely helped to relieve the pain! I wish I had used this with my previous births. Definitely recommend this product.

Tens Machine

Easy hire process, arrived quickly and was simple to return! Used throughout my labour, was extremely helpful and loved the timer for contractions. Highly recommend!!

I can’t believe I didn’t have this for my first 2 births!

The bliss birth tens machine was an absolute life saver, I don’t think I would have made it through the birth of my third baby without it! I wish I had it with my first 2, it’s so easy to hire, easy to use and really does help with the pain of contractions. I used the tens right up until I got into the pool and I cannot recommend it more. If you are on the fence about using a tens, do it, you will not regret it.

Labour TENS Hire
Shannon Walker
This was my main labour tool!

I loved using this TENS machine during my first labour! It was super simple to set up and use and I found it really effective during my induction right up until the point where I was about to transition. It really helped me manage my contractions throughout the majority of my labour and I ended up managing to avoid needing extra pain relief until transition where I tried the gas briefly. I’m a physiotherapist by trade and have used TENS machines here and there previously with clients (with limited success in terms of pain relief) but found that it was incredibly effective as a pain management tool during most of my labour and I’m so glad that I hired one!

Labour TENS Hire
Anna Marquez
Hire tens machine

Loved the tens machine. Could not have done labour without it.

Great Value

It was incredibly easy to hire TENS through Bliss Birth and the personal touches such as the free bag and follow up emails make what can be an overwhelming time feel less daunting.

Labour TENS Hire
Alison Packer
Labour Saver!

My Labour Tens Hire arrived a couple days before our due date which was perfect. I went into early labour at 40+4wks, I gave birth at 40+6wks. Labouring for over 50hrs, the tens machine was a life saver. I had initially planned on a water birth, but with how much pain I was experiencing by the end, the only thing that helped with the pain was the tens machine! Afterwards my husband and I agreed that this was definitely worth the money and we will definitely be re-hiring when we eventually have baby #2. We also appreciated the length of time for the hire. There was no rush to post it back afterwards which was ideal as we really couldn’t leave home for the first week after birth (and the reminder email helped our overtired-newborn phase brains to get it sent back in time). Very highly recommend the tense hire from bliss birth! So so so SOO worth it!!

Labour TENS Hire
Katie Bull
I was so glad I had this during Labour!

The Bliss Birth Tens machine was a lifesaver during my labour. The hire and process receiving and returning was streamline and caused no stress during this time. Would definitely hire again for my next birth and recommend for others.

Labour TENS Hire
yvonne Clarnette
Greatest Birth Thanks To Bliss Birth

Absolutely loved using the TENS machine for the second time round. I felt so in control having the TENS machine to focus on and support me through both labours.
The service with Bliss Birth is seamless and so easy which is great considering the chaotic time.
I recommend to everyone!

Labour TENS Hire
Kathleen James
Very glad I had this for labour!

I used the TENS machine for a solid 15hrs straight whilst in early labour and although it didn’t exactly help with pain, it definitely helped! (In an indescribable way). I’m very glad I was encouraged to get one and glad I found Bliss Birth. The process was very easy!

Could not have gotten through labour without the TENS

10/10 - bliss birth was so easy to hire from and this a machine kept me sane during labour. I don’t know what I would have done without it.

Great pain relief and easy to use!

I opted to labour at home for as long as I could and wanted no intervention including pain medication at the hospital, so having the TENs machine helped immensely get through labour at home and the longer than expected car ride to the hospital!! Grateful for how easy it was to use and how much it helped!

Tens Machine Hire

Fantastic and speedy service. Easy to package and send back! Very thankful to have had a tens machine during labor, supporting me through 6 hours and nearly 8 cm dilated. Highly recommend.

Labour TENS Hire
Olivia Sellings

Wishing I had this device for my first two births and so glad I had it for my third. I used the machine for at least 10 hours and it really did help relieve my pain. Hiring and returning the machine was a super easy process. I’m highly recommending it to all of my family and friends who are aiming for a vaginal delivery.

Labour TENS Hire
Paulina Jaczynska
Would use again

It's great distraction for those hours (or days!) spend at home when labour starts.

Labour TENS Hire
Maddy Tan
Amazing little machine

Thank you for this amazing little machine, it helped so much to bring our little one into the world. This was our first child and the labour couldn't have gone more smoothly - the TENS machine was used throughout it all and will be reccomending it all new mummas! x

Life saver in labour!

I used the TENS throughout first and even second stage of labour, it was such amazing pain relief for me! I was not expecting it to be as effective as it was, and would absolutely recommend trying it! Bliss Birth was easy to deal with, and I had absolutely no issues! Love it!

So so helpful!

I loved using the TENS for the birth of my baby girl! I used from early labour up until I had to have my waters artificially broken(ARM) due to being post dates and labour being prologued. It managed my pain levels really well and it would probably continue to be beneficial if it wasn’t for the ARM. Super recommend!

Labour TENS Hire
Jerome Pereira


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