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This is a tool for de-briefing your birth experience through journalling or discussion. It is intended to be used as a prompt or template to encourage reflection on your birth experience. If at any time you feel extreme distress whilst recalling the details of your birth, make sure you reach out to family or friends, your GP and mental health professionals. 
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Fantastic to use at home!

Fabulous, would 100% recommend

If in doubt, just grab one anyway! After mixed reviews about laboring with a tens machine I was on the fence about getting one. It wasn’t until my midwife strongly encouraged me to that I came across Bliss Birth & decided to rent one “just in case” & i’m so glad I did! It arrived on time, was beautifully packaged (like new, even my midwife was impressed at the quality!) & did the job beautifully! I wouldn’t labour without one & will 100% be renting a tens machine again through Bliss Birth for my next labours & will encourage my friends and family to do the same when the time comes. Thank you! ☺️

Such a convenient service.

Love this service, having the TENS delivered and being able to just pop it back in the post makes it such an easy and convenient service! Recommend to all my pals who want to hire a TENS.

Birth Comb
Lovely product

I used the comb through the early stages and on the way to hospital. Whether it helped reduce pain I can’t say, but it gave me something else to focus on, and while contractions came fast in the car it was certainly helpful. I’d use it again.

Labour TENS Hire
Josi Zeck

Labour TENS Hire

Best Tens hire

Second time hiring for my second birth, easy and quick process to get the Tens machine. Really helped me get through a natural and drug free birth for both my babies. Highly recommend.

Labour TENS Hire
Danielle Mulligan
Wonderful service and fabulous tool for labour

It was so straightforward to hire and return the TENS machine. A fully addressed return satchel was included along with spare electrodes. The TENS machine was absolutely brilliant in labour as well. I particularly appreciated the boost feature! I used the TENS machine and gas, and my labour was fast and intense but very manageable. Highly recommend!

Labour TENS Hire
Georgia Vallido

I had the labour of my dreams using the Bliss Birth TENS.
I stayed calm and focused through every contraction at home and made it to the hospital 7cm dialated! The contraction timer made it so easy too. I would recommend this to everyone x

Labour TENS Hire
Ashley McGrath-Hudson
Excellent Service!

I would definitely recommend Bliss Birth to any expecting mums, the process was really straightforward. The TENS machine itself seemed to relieve some pain - or at least provide a distraction!

Third time labouring and I wish I knew about this product the first 2 times! For the first time I was able to birth without an epidural after being induced with Pitocin (both previous births I had received an epidural during inductions, given I tried to fight through the contractions until they became too painful). The TENS was very simple to use and a great relief along with the birthing comb also from this store. I used TENS and the comb solely from the start with mild contractions up until pushing where I then continued to use TENS in addition to gas. Highly recommend this product, I couldn’t do it again without it!

Labour TENS Hire
Sarah Pisani
A mental game changer during labour

I found the TENS machine really changed the game when it came to the mental toll that contractions can have on you. Being able to time the contractions using the TENS machine and feel your progress made the biggest difference between my first birth and my second (didn’t have TENS for my first birth and ended up with an Epidural).
Having the TENS for my second birth gave me the ability to have an unmediated birth that I’m really proud of.
Would recommend hiring the machine, I know I will again for the next kid!

Labour TENS Hire
Anna Chatterton

Labour TENS Hire

Labour TENS Hire
Bianca Baker
Too easy

Dealing with bliss birth was too easy especially returning the product. Bliss birth thought of everything.

Labour TENS Hire
Lavenia Ena
Tens hire

I couldn’t wait to use the tens machine for my labour. Turns out it wasn’t for me. Won’t know unless you try.
I also brought a bag of red raspberry leaf tea! How good! Definitely helped soften my cervix. Drink from 36weeks

Birth Comb
Annie Brochtrup

Birth Comb

Labour TENS Hire
Emma Paterson
Absolutely life saving device, empowered birth

Cannot recommend a TENS machine for managing labour pain enough, helped me get through it. So great you can hire it and worth every dollar.


Even as someone with an avowed dislike of lavender, I thought the scent was quite nice. I was too unsure to use before I was in labour, but it was nice to be able to mist our bedroom. We only had one small chance to use the oil because things progressed quickly, but I’d recommend to a friend. Anything that gives you or your partner a feeling that you can ‘do’ something during labour is a worthwhile product!!

Labour TENS Hire
Melanie Thomas
Amazing investment

The tens absolutely got the through so much of my labour and helped me achieve the intervention-free vbac I was hoping for. It gave me something to focus on during contractions and I really only took it off to get in the bath at the very end otherwise it might have got me through the entire thing! I would recommend to anyone - the ease of ordering and receiving the beautiful package in the mail is an extra touch that makes the experience so worth it.

Labour TENS Hire
Emily Buckner
First time mum

First time mum and definitely couldn’t have lasted through to 5cm dilation without the TENS machine. Easy to use and fits in your hand so it’s not awkward to hold

Labour TENS Hire
Vanessa Lipton
Worth doing

The bliss birth hire and returns process was so simple (especially post when you have other things to worry about)
The TENS machine was great to have and provided something else to focus on during contractions


I wish I had this for my first birth.
I used just the tens machine through my active labour, no medications or gas. I felt in control and so calm during this time.
If you’re in the fence about trying the tens, do it. I highly recommend getting it for labour

Raspberry Leaf Tea Bulk Pack 100g

Would get again!

Very glad I hired the tens machine, I used it for almost the whole of labor and it really helped me stay home longer and have an unmedicated labor, I'll definitely be getting it again for future pregnancies

Glad I got it!

Definitely recommend. I wasn’t sure about using a TENS for my second birth, but it was helpful having it while I laboured at home, and I REALLY appreciated having it when we were driving to hospital with contractions 1.5 mins apart. As my husband said, it felt like we could do ‘something’. I feel that it did help provide pain relief, but I most appreciated the distraction. It was easy enough to work, although having labour progress so quickly meant I didn’t get the hang of all the functions and had to get my husband to do it sometimes, but that was ok too.
The TENS shipped very quickly and was super easy to send back.
If you are thinking of a birth comb, I also appreciated the distraction it provided in early labour and in the car.

Labour TENS Extension
Lauren McAlpine
Ten out of ten for the tens

Thank you bliss birth from start to finish your customer service and product was exceptional.
Would recommend to any woman. X

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