Terms and Conditions for Hire

When you book a hire you agree to the following Terms and Conditions;

Refunds for non-faulty Elle TENS units will not be provided once the Elle TENS unit has been dispatched.

In the event of cancellation the hire fee will be refunded less an administration fee of $10.

The Elle TENS unit remains the property of Bliss Birth at all times except when the TENS unit is purchased in full.

Bliss Birth supplies the customer with an Elle TENS unit on the understanding that it will only be used by the person whose name appears on the booking form and is not transferable between individuals.

It is the responsibility of the Customer to check the contents of the hire package upon receipt and familiarise themselves with the Elle TENS machine and user instructions. The customer must advise Bliss Birth of any problems whatsoever immediately. Bliss Birth accepts no responsibility where the customer fails to do so and renders Bliss Birth unable to take any corrective actions.

The customer will have discussed the use of an Elle TENS machine with the medical practitioner in charge of their obstetric care and will have received the practitioner’s approval.

The Elle TENS unit will only be used according to the instructions provided. Bliss Birth shall not be held responsible or liable for any injury or damage sustained as a result of misusing the Elle TENS unit.

The success of Elle TENS is neither guaranteed nor implied.

The Elle TENS unit will be supplied to the best of our ability in perfect working order and ready for use.

The customer agrees to return the Elle TENS unit to Bliss Birth in the same condition it was received.

Bliss Birth reserves the right to charge the replacement value of lost, stolen or damaged Elle TENS units or part of a unit. The replacement cost may also be charged if the Elle TENS unit or parts of the equipment sent out with the unit are contaminated with bodily fluids. The replacement cost is the retail value of the Elle TENS, less the initial hire fee; $165. Once this payment has been made the Elle TENS will become the property of the customer. 

The return of the Elle TENS unit to Bliss Birth is the responsibility of the customer. The Customer is provided with a pre-addressed, pre-paid satchel to return the Elle TENS unit to us. The Customer agrees to follow all instructions regarding the Elle TENS unit’s return.

The hire period is for 8 weeks. The Elle TENS unit will be sent out to arrive on or prior to four weeks before the Customer’s due date. The Elle TENS unit must be returned to Bliss Birth on or by the last day of the hire period (unless otherwise agreed with Bliss Birth).

An extension of the hire period can be accommodated at no extra cost but this must be requested and agreed upon.

If the Customer has failed to return the Elle TENS two weeks after the date the unit was due to be returned, and has failed to contact Bliss Birth to request a free extension of their hire period, the Customer will be charged the aforementioned replacement value and the Elle Tens will become the property of the customer.

All Elle TENS units are tested immediately prior to dispatch. However, the liability of Bliss Birth shall not exceed the hire charge.

Non-use of a hired Elle TENS unit is entirely at the discretion of the Customer and refund is not available.

By hiring an Elle TENS unit from Bliss Birth you agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless Bliss Birth and all associated persons from all liability arising from or relating to the use of the TENS unit and associated equipment either hired or purchased from Bliss Birth.

These terms and conditions are governed by the law of New South Wales, Australia.

Bliss Birth reserves the right to alter Terms and Conditions of hire without prior notice.

The Customer agrees to adhere to the following precautions for use;

Do not use TENS during the first 26 weeks of pregnancy

Do not use TENS on the abdomen at any time during pregnancy or labour.

Do not use TENS if you have a heart pacemaker.

Do not use TENS if you have, or have ever had, a heart rhythm problem.

Do not use TENS if you are suffering from acute feverish conditions.

Do not use TENS if you are suffering from infectious diseases or tumours.

Do not use TENS when driving, cycling or operating machinery.

Do not use TENS if you have, or have had, epilepsy you MUST obtain the full approval of your doctor prior to using the Elle TENS unit.

When using Elle TENS pads should NOT be placed anywhere other than the lower back as pictured in instructions.

Do not immerse the Elle TENS unit in water, dry skin before applying pads.


Based on 1353 reviews
Labour TENS Hire
Lucinda Barros
Did the job!

I laboured for about 4 hours at home with just the TENS. The contractions weren't unbearable thanks to the TENS but we're super close together so we decided to leave home. When I arrived at the hospital I was 6cms! I didn't have a completely unmedicated birth but that wasn't my goal.This allowed me to stay home much longer as hospitals make me a bit anxious. Baby arrived 3 hours after our arrival and I was out of hospital the next day so overall I would 100 per cent recommend the TENS, especially if you suffer from anxiety as it allows you control in what can be a very unpredictable experience

Labour TENS Hire
Jess Sofatzis

Thank you for this machine! This helped me labour at home for 10hrs before arriving at the hospital, where I had the baby within half an hour of arriving! Even the midwives were impressed for a first-time mum - and this wasn’t even with the machine on full! Would highly recommend.

Labour TENS Hire
Lauren Swaby
Thank you!

Your tens machine helped me have a pain free birth & I have never felt so empowered and proud of my
Body. Thank you!!

Great service and incredible device

Thank you so much for the quick and easy service. I hired my tens earlier than last birth as this was my second child. I extended the use as I didn’t go until 41 weeks again. It was used for a good 24 hours and really helped me with my first drug free birth.

Labour TENS Hire
Chloe Arjona
Highly recommend

I highly recommend the use of a TENS machine during labour. The boost function was amazing when I was having contractions and really took the edge off. This meant I didn't need to use any other pain relief and could stay at home for as long as possible before going to hospital.

The hire process was super easy and delivery was on time. Very easy to return the TENS machine with the included postage bag.

Labour TENS Hire
Kylie O’Shea

Labour TENS Hire

Labour TENS Hire
Miriam Scarborough

Super happy with my hiring experience and the tens machine itself is great. I love that it came with batteries so you don’t have to worry about that.
Thanks so much will be using it next time!

loved it

I was able to use the TENS as a Key part of my VBAC (Vaginal Birth After C-section) toolkit. My 4.74kg baby (10pound 4 ounce) boy was born after 14hour labour with only TENS, hot water, gas and air and music for distraction/pain relief. do try it before the labour to see if you like it!

Labour TENS Hire
Stephanie Marshall
Absolutely A Must Have

I was told to hire a tens machine for labour and had never used one before so my thoughts initially were I won't use it but was I wrong! This machine helped me immensely during the early and first stages of labour and I wouldn't of been able to do it without it. I am so glad I hired it, the process was so easy and I would highly recommend this to anyone. Thank you Bliss Birth

Labour TENS Hire
Elissa Ashcroft

Labour TENS Hire

Labour TENS Hire
Brooke Fatchen
Best Birth Experience

Highly recommend hiring a tens machine. Takes away the pain, such a nice pain breaker if you are wanting a natural birth. Best birth experience I have ever had out of my three babies.

Labour TENS Hire
Sammi Colley
Life saver!!

I attempted a natural birth without pain medication and the tens machine was my absolute god send! It really helped take the edge off of each contraction but also gave my mind something else to focus on. Loved it, and the order/delivery was super quick and straightforward

Labour TENS Hire
Caity Knight
Literally a life saver!

With my second pregnancy, i didn't realise that my contractions were contractions as while painful, were rather far apart. Active labour then increased so suddenly that I didn't have time to get the epidural I so desperately wanted and bub was born within 20 minutes. Birthing without any pain relief was absolutely not part of my birth plan and I'm so incredibly grateful to have had the tens! Well worth it!

Game Changer!

I was recommended the bliss birth tens machine for the birth of my second child by my midwife. Absolutely amazing! It got me through my entire labour, from the first nigly contractions to the full on intense ones. And the booster is sooo good!! I highly recommend every expecting mum to give it a try. Best decision I made. Thank you Bliss Birth ❤️❤️

Birth Comb

Bliss birth are the best. Hiring their tens machine made a huge difference in the birth and I had the birth I wanted.

Great product and service

I found the TENS machine super helpful with pain relief throughout my balloon induction process and early labour. The hire process was super simple and convenient. I would hire one again if I have future pregnancies!!

Labour TENS Hire
Amazing Customer Service

Feeling that I would be going into labour, and not yet having received my package because of the long weekend, I contacted the business who promptly organised a pick up for that very day! I cannot recommend them enough and thank them for their understanding, kindness and prompt follow up for me!

Labour TENS Hire
Tayla McConnell
The best investment you can make!

I would not have gotten through my labour without my tens machine! I cannot recommend it enough! After a rough, intervention filled first birthing experience I knew something had to change when I fell pregnant for the second time. With the help of the trusty tens machine I was able to stay home right up until a few hours before my baby girl arrived earthside, all the while never taking the tens machine off. Thankyou Bliss Birth!!

Life Saver!

I highly recommend getting a TENS machine, it definately helped once the contractions started and got more intense, especially the wonderful BOOST button!
Bliss Birth is easy to use and they send it out within the dates you specify, easy process all in all.

Labour TENS Hire
Marcelle Sayer
Labor game changer

Wow! I was recommended the TENS from Bliss Birth from a friend after the birth of her second child and before I was to deliver my second.
I’m so thankful that she did recommended the product and company. It could not have been an easier process to receive and return the TENS along with the easy to follow instructions.

The Tens unit itself was incredible and really took the edge off the contractions during the final stage. I loved the BOOST button!
Would recommend to anyone wanting a more comfortable and blissful birth.

Perfect early labour companion

This was my second labour and I used the tens for days during my last labour. I did the same this time round. The hire process from bliss birth is seamless and the product is the best there is.

Labour TENS Hire
Ang Anderson

Don’t even think about going into labour without having these bad girls stuck to your body! SUCH an incredible idea for a pain diversion/distraction!
There were a few- and only a few, contractions where I had to pull them off- in the bath and while the midwives were running some tests.. and wow.. the difference was astonishing! I couldn’t stick those things back to my body fast enough!!

Labour TENS Hire
Kristen Mcmillan
Loved it!

Such a powerful tool which allowed me to have an unmedicated birth with no interventions! Thank you!

Amazing product

I am glad I had bliss birth during my pregnancy. Highly recommended, very easy to use and works perfectly.
Product came with all the information including return packaging. Thank you for your amazing product and services.

Labour TENS Hire
Jessica McIntyre
Game changer

Loved everything about Labour Tens hire! was so much easier to have the device delivered and returning the item was super simple. I didn't used a tens machine for my first labour and having it for my second was a game changer.

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