Labour TENS Hire
Labour TENS Hire
Labour TENS Hire
Labour TENS Hire
Free gift with every TENS hire purchase the Mama Bag featuring You've got this Mama
Labour TENS Hire
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Bliss Birth

Labour TENS Hire

‘The best money I ever spent in my life’
- Cat Scott 

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Introducing the most advanced natural pain management device for labour available in Australia - The Elle TENS Plus. TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and it is the ultimate birth tool as it maximizes your body's natural pain-fighting abilities. 

The best Labour TENS available in Australia

  • Built in contraction timer
  • Pre-addressed, prepaid return (No printer needed)
  • FREE WITH EVERY HIRE our 'Mama Bag' valued at $10.95 is yours to keep. Plus a complimentary additional set of electrodes (RRP $22)

* When you hire you agree to our Terms and Conditions

What is a TENS machine?

An Elle Tens Plus is an easy to use, gentle way to relieve the pain of contractions during labour by amplifying all your body’s amazing natural pain blocking abilities. The gentle electrical pulses;

  • Block pain signals from reaching your brain
  • Build endorphins

The Elle Tens Plus is the ultimate in obstetric TENS, specifically designed for use during labour, and is perfectly safe for you and baby. TENS is the most effective pain relief you can use at home, and provides completely drug-free, natural relief from pain. The more comfortable and calm you are during the early stages of labour, the less interventions you are going to need, making it a must-have for your natural birth plan.

Should I choose the 4 week or 8 week hire?

Our 8 week hire is recommended for peace of mind to cover you through the most common weeks you could go into labour, plus a little extra to get it back to us in time.  We recommend selecting a date to begin the hire period roughly a month before your baby's due date. We'll send the TENS to arrive on or as close as possible to the date you selected to begin your hire period, then you can pop it back in the prepaid return post satchel when it is due back 8 weeks later.

The 4 week hire option is available for those who are due sooner. For those who select the 4 week hire option ahead of time, we recommend selecting a hire period start date at least 2 - 3 weeks before your baby's due date and we will schedule the machine to arrive on or as close as possible to that date.

We have a 4 week hire with PRIORITY SHIPPING option for those who may have left it to the last minute to hire and need a machine ASAP. With this option, we will do our best to ensure the TENS arrives at your doorstep within 1 - 2 business days, with same day dispatch if you order before 12pm.  

We will send you a friendly email reminder when your Elle Tens Plus is due back.

How does hire work?

Hiring is the most cost-effective way to access the drug-free natural pain relief of the Elle TENS Plus.

Included in hire is everything you need;

  • The ultimate in obstetric tens; Elle TENS Plus including contraction timer
  • 1 x brand new reusable electrode pads set of 4 PLUS a complimentary additional electrode set
  • 2 x brand new AA batteries
  • 2 x leadwires
  • Soft carry pouch
  • Easy to read instructions
  • Australia Post envelope for easy pre-paid return
  • "You've got this Mama" carry satchel (Our free gift to you)

You select the start date of the hire period when you book and we will send it to arrive on that date, or as close as possible. You then return your Elle TENS Plus by placing the unit and all accessories in the provided prepaid pre-addressed return satchel, no need for a printer! Drop it at your local Australia Post and they will provide you with a receipt so that you can let us know it was submitted in case anything goes wrong.

Test your Elle TENS Plus as soon as you receive it. Familiarising yourself with the unit and its functions will make for a more stress-free experience when your labour begins. If you have any problems or questions make sure you contact us ASAP so we can make sure you have everything you need for a great birthing experience.

How fast can you get it to me?

We aim to get your machine to you on or before the first date of your hire period. If we are booked out in advance the first date you can expect your order is the day the hire period begins, regardless of the shipping option you select.

If you need your hire to arrive ASAP we recommend selecting the 4 week hire with Priority Shipping option and ensuring you select your hire date to begin tomorrow if the date is available. If you order before 12pm, your TENS should arrive within 1 - 2 business days.

Whether you are booking ahead of time, or last minute, selecting Express Post at checkout will ensure your parcel is prioritised by Australia Post in the event of a delay within their network.

What does the PRIORITY SHIPPING option mean?

We have a 4 week hire with Priority Shipping option for those who may have left it to the last minute to hire and need a machine ASAP. We will do our best to ensure the TENS arrives at your doorstep within 1 - 2 business days, with same day dispatch if you order before 12pm.  

Changing the way women birth in Australia

Stay calm and in control at home for longer


Stick on

Attach the re-usable electrode pads to your upper and lower back.


Switch on

Bliss Birth TENS sends small pulses through the electrodes which feel like small vibrations.



The pulses interrupt the pain signals travelling to your brain, bringing instant relief.



Click the boost button during each contraction for a flood of extra sensation that cancels pain.

What’s in the kit?

  • Elle TENS Plus machine
  • 4 x re-usable electrode pads
  • 2 x New AA batteries
  • 2 x Leadwires
  • Soft carry pouch
  • Easy to read instructions
  • Pre-paid, pre-addressed satchel for easy return
  • “You’ve got this mama” satchel (our gift to you to keep)

Questions? We’ve got answers.

You can pre-book your hire now. One less thing to worry about! We’ll schedule your TENS kit to arrive 4 weeks before your due date and remind you when it’s due back 4 weeks after your due date.

Yes! We always have hire machines in stock. In the rare occurrence that there will be a delay with dispatch due to stock issues we’ll let you know ASAP and is likely to be 2 business days at most. Make sure you select Express post if you’re due in less than a month so we can make sure the TENS arrives before the baby does.

After you place your order you will automatically receive a PDF copy of your invoice which you can submit to your private health provider. Check that your Insurance covers ‘Pain Relief by Device’ or ‘Health Aids and Appliances’ cover. The rebate available differs between plans and providers, but may be up to 100%!
A guide to claiming your TENS hire or purchase on private health insurance

As the TENS uses electrical pulses to block pain signals to the brain, it is not able to be used when in water. But that doesn’t mean using a TENS is incompatible with a water birth! We recommend using TENS early on, when contractions are regular, and saving water for later when you are transitioning. Having lots of options in your birthing toolbox will mean you are empowered with choices.

A regular TENS machine from a chemist or Physio is great for painful joints etc but is missing a vital function – the boost button! Without this element a TENS machine is not an obstetric TENS, and you can’t amplify the pain fighting sensation during contractions so it’s going to be nowhere near as effective for your birth.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1528 reviews
Got me through to established labour

I used the TENS machine for my recent first birth from early labour through to established labour. It was a great tool for pain management and allowed me to stay at home for most of the labour. Would recommend to any mum looking for ways to manage pain. I will use again for future births.

Megan Begg

Very easy hiring and return process. The machine also worked very well in helping me manage pain in labour :)

Sam Ghamrawi
A game changer

My wife absolutely loved this machine. As a first time mum giving birth we were worried about the pain process and we wanted to keep things as natural as possible. My wife literally swears by this machine that it gave her amazing relief and comfort during the birthing pains. Highly recommended!!!

Jessica McClelland

I was induced so everything happened faster for my labour. TENS machine was amazing when it became too late for an epidural.

Georgia Sadler
Saviour once again!

Just shouting from the roof tops that once again your TENS machine was an absolute game changer for labour & helping me find “control” amongst the chaos. That boost button deserves a place on my will! 😂🙏

I didn’t mange to get any pics of me with the tens on because labour was so fast & furious this time, but it was right there from the first moments until I hopped into the birth pool at the end (and I will say I was reluctant to take it off!).

Thanks for giving us the option of such a brilliant, hassle free, thoughtful support x


I ordered the TENS machine to use for my third birth not sure whether or not I would like it, but I had heard good things. I used it through all stages of labour and it definitely helped to relieve the pain! I wish I had used this with my previous births. Definitely recommend this product.

Tens Machine

Easy hire process, arrived quickly and was simple to return! Used throughout my labour, was extremely helpful and loved the timer for contractions. Highly recommend!!

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