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Pregnancy Nutrition

Pregnancy Nutrition
  The months or years of waiting to see 2 clear lines on a plastic stick. The emotion of doubting “Is this even real?”, “How should I tell my part...

Perineal Massage During Pregnancy

Perineal Massage During Pregnancy
As you near the end of your pregnancy, you may be looking for ways that you can start to prepare your body for labour and birth. One way that you ...

Kayla's Birth Story

Kayla's Birth Story

That last hour was incredibly intense, and the few moments I had the TENS off to jump in the shower was horrible. I couldn’t be without it, and it became my safe haven. I don’t know what I would have done without it! I honestly had doubts on how much it would actually work for me – but I was and still am super surprised with it!


Everything I didnt know how to say when you told me you were pregnant

Announcing pregnancy to friends in Australia with Bliss Birth Labour Tens Hire
When you told me you were pregnant I said ‘Congratulations’, because I didn’t know how to say everything I wanted to say.

The new mum must-haves that no ones tells you about

baby supplies, setting up nursery, midwife recommended, what do i need to pack in my hospital bag, birth plan, buy for natural labour, best products, new mum survival pack, tea towels
Trying to figure out what to pack in your hospital bag? Getting last minute items for the nursery before the arrival of your newborn? Or trying to ...

Don't hire a doppler; it could save your baby's life!

dont hire a doppler it could harm your baby, fetal movements, heart beat monitor app, safe pregnancy, natural pregnancy
I was recently speaking to a nurse who works in an acute care ward of a women’s hospital, who regularly works with antenatal and postnatal women for whom things haven’t gone to plan. She was complaining about the risks mums-to-be are taking using dopplers and heart beat monitor apps at home.
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