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A Doula discusses her birth using TENS

A Doula discusses her birth using TENS
I was 39 + 2 days and had peacefully come to the acceptance that after weeks of Braxton hicks, the loss of mucous plug around 38 weeks and very swo...

Cassandra shares the birth of Luca

Cassandra shares the birth of Luca
I had all intentions to have a drug free birth.  When I was 40+1 I started getting period pain. My mum said this was the feeling she had when her l...

Hannah’s Birth Story

Hannah’s Birth Story
Hannah shares the birth story of little Zoey. After her waters broke unexpectedly, she used one of our TENS machines to get her through a long nig...

The best kept secret in natural birthing and why you need it - Using TENS for birth

The best kept secret in natural birthing and why you need it - Using TENS for birth
My son arrived at 4am after almost 48 hours of painful contractions, and totally exhausted, it had taken me almost 2 hours of pushing to deliver hi...

Stand and Deliver - A midwife speaks out about birthing positions

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Hollywood movies, old paintings (and selfies on Instagram) have taught us that women give birth with perfect hair and makeup in a hospital bed. 78%...

Then my midwife did the coldest thing that anyone has ever done to me...

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Let’s be honest, birth is far from blissful. But let me explain.

My midwife was a total badass, cool as a cucumber under pressure -  a great match for my bossy personality. I knew that if I pushed her she would push back just as hard.

But then she broke my waters.

The new mum must-haves that no ones tells you about

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Trying to figure out what to pack in your hospital bag? Getting last minute items for the nursery before the arrival of your newborn? Or trying to ...

Don't hire a doppler; it could save your baby's life!

dont hire a doppler it could harm your baby, fetal movements, heart beat monitor app, safe pregnancy, natural pregnancy
I was recently speaking to a nurse who works in an acute care ward of a women’s hospital, who regularly works with antenatal and postnatal women for whom things haven’t gone to plan. She was complaining about the risks mums-to-be are taking using dopplers and heart beat monitor apps at home.
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